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World Famous WWII Air-Cooled VW Collection on Display
at My Garage Museum

We're excited to welcome a display of rare and unique WWII style vehicles to My Garage Museum. A selection from the world famous collection of Dr. Mac Jones will make the journey to Effingham, IL and be on display through summer.

Included in the display will be a Kübelwagen, Schwimmwagen and KdF-Wagen. All three of these vehicles were produced by VW and used by the German military during WWII. The Volkswagen Kübelwagen, literally translated as “tub truck,” for its resemblance to a metal bathtub on wheels, was based heavily on Ferdinand Porsche’s early Beetle designs and became a light military vehicle known internally as the Type 82. The VW Thing sold in the 1970s and used by many European countries as a responder and military vehicle was clearly designed along the simple lines of the Kubelwagen. 50,435 Kubels were produced. It is estimated that there are 150 in the United States and approximately 1,000 worldwide.

The Volkswagen Type 166 Schwimmwagen is an amphibious four-wheel drive off-road vehicle used extensively during the war with a unitized bodytub structure for smooth movement through the water. The VW Type 166 is the most numerous mass-produced amphibious car in history. 15,584 “Schwimms” were produced. There are approximately 100 on the Schwimmwagen registry including 1 in New Zealand and another in Japan.

The KdF-Wagen was set up by Hitler’s “Strength through Joy” organization as an affordable car for the people. Due to the shift to wartime production, no consumers ever received a KdF-Wagen; only a few military personnel had possession of the vehicle. After WWII, the vehicles were ordered destroyed which makes them extremely rare. This vehicle was the closest predecessor of what we now know as the Volkswagen Beetle. There are just 50 KdF-Wagens on the register with 5 of them listed under the Dr. Mac Jones collection.

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Funfest for Air-Cooled VW 2013 is in the books!

Thank you to everyone who braved the unpredictable Illinois weather to spend the weekend with us for a Magical Mystery Funfest! From rain to our annual Celebrity Choice awards and the first-ever indoor Funfest concert, click here to relive the fun!.